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Build Your App

Everyone has an app idea, but not everyone knows how to code. Nick specializes in creating MVP apps to bring projects from idea/wireframe to reality. An MVP, or minimum viable product, is the initial launch version of your app and includes the core features required to test the idea with real users.
When hiring an app developer, you’ll find that there is a very broad range of pricing and expectations. Hiring a professional agency is usually too expensive and not suitable for MVPs and outsourcing the development may lead to quality issues. 
Hiring Nick can be a cost-effective solution to having your app developed. Every app he creates is built to scale, with quality and efficiency at the forefront. Nick has published several apps to the App Store and can guide with you through the entire process.
Nick only develops iOS applications and all apps will be written in Swift. Pricing begins at $5,000 and usually take 4-6 weeks.

Debugging / Features

On Stack Overflow (a website for debugging code), Nick helps other developers with their Swift questions and consistently ranks in the top 5% of users on a monthly basis. Whether your app is crashing or you just need someone to develop a new feature for your app, Nick can help.
Your project must be Xcode compatible and written in Swift. Pricing from $25.

Let's chat!

Nick will review your request and be in contact via email.

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